Change a life. Education for every child everywhere.

Help us reach into the lives of children across the globe by placing quality online education at their fingertips.

Need help getting your school set up for online learning?

Through our grants, we can help you:

- Create necessary infrastructure
- Build and equip classrooms
- Provide training opportunities and resources
- Obtain reliable internet
- Provide computer software and hardware
- Offer fully online courses thru our online academy

Position your school in the marketplace.

Through our grants, we can help you:

- Develop your brand
- Market your school
- Create and manage your website
- Provide social media alignment
- Create fundraising campaigns
- Recruit staff

Do your students need tuition assistance?

Through our grants, we can help you:

●   Create a financial aid program
●   Enlarge existing aid program
●   Provide initial scholarship funding
●   Train a scholarship coordinator
●   Provide fully online career counseling course
●   Assist graduates with college enrollment

Our Goals

Through our goods and services, we help to shape thousands of young lives.  Join our mission to develop the next generation's community leaders.









Our Testimonials

Relationships allow our foundation to thrive so that we can empower students around the globe.
"It is truly inspiring to work with the Global Pathways team! They all have a unified passion for helping children in need through a variety of ways. The potential of Global Pathways is great, and as it expands, I look forward to seeing how many lives are touched by this incredible team!"
- Rachel, Curriculum Specialist
"I am so excited to be working with Global Pathways! They genuinely care for children and realize that access to quality education is key to help improve the future of young ones in need. I can’t wait to see how they will impact the world, one child at a time!"
-Szilvi, International Christian School of Budapest

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